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Hong Kong Spa Services

       At Hong Kong Spa, we take care to provide our clients high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.

     Hong Kong Spa has  ~chair massagefoot massage(relaxation,  reflexology & athlete's foot.),  ~body massage(Relaxation massage, Deep tissue massage, Child massage, Senior massage & Tuina massage.),   ~heat healing therapy(Energy stone massage, Sports massage, Chinese cupping & Herbal massage therapy.),   The massage can improve blood and lymph flow, comfort and relief from overexertion, deliverance of muscular tautness and aches, accelerate blood circulation, relieving tension, and promote deep relaxation of the muscles. 

 *What is Tuina Massage?
Tuina massage is a type of Chinese Medical massage therapy, is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine, and is also an important clinical discipline. Tuina massage therapy has a long history (5,000 years) its origin is distant and the course it has taken is lengthy. It took root as mankind emerged and flourished as mankind advanced. It has made and is making a brilliant contribution to the health of all people. Tuina massage therapy is a completely natural external treatment method that does not require the use of drugs. The unique aspect of its clinical application is the emphasis on the practice of manipulation techniques and operation. Manipulations are performed on certain areas or acupoints on the surface of the body, regulating the body’s physiology and pathology to prevent and cure diseases. There are obvious therapeutic results, safety, tuina is widely accepted and deeply appreciated by doctors and patients.

    Hong Kong Spa - Cloquet also has Healthy Skin Facial Massage & Oriental Hot Tub Treatment , Our facial massage use natural  MAIONE skin care product, Make you look 3-10 years younger after the treatment.  Our Hot tub use all natural herb to soak the whole body. It helps reduce stress, illness, suffering, fatigue in the body and improves body immune function.